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I never knew places like St Kentigern's Hospice ever existed. In a way, I know I was very fortunate in that I hadn't been in the situation of experiencing the admirable role that such a hospice plays. However when my dad reached the time that his illness became too debilitating we found ourselves in the very capable hands of St Kentigern and what an incredible experience that was. Dad received their unquestionable and undivided attention, nothing was too much trouble and his very need was catered for, from spotless, pressed bed linen to catering for his demands to satisfy his sweet tooth cravings!! Without hesitation I would describe their care as undeniably unforgettable.

Over 45 years dad taught me many skills and was the biggest influence in my life. He was my source of knowledge and advice – Dad would know. He taught me how to grow vegetables, and sunflowers 12-foot-tall, how to drive a car, plumb in a bathroom, build a fireplace and paper sticks to burn in it. He believed in me, encouraged me, and enabled me to flourish. After all, as his daughter, I was in his eyes a bobby-dazzler.

I will never be able to repay St Kentigern's for the care and kindness they showed dad, however a little thank you will hopefully go a long way. All the services provided by the hospice are free of charge and to enable them to ensure that is always the case, opening up new opportunities for fundraising is firmly high on their agenda. This includes an electric mix of activities and can range from sponsored sky-dives to lunches with celebs.

Now I know my dreams of sky-diving will never come true and in truth were never really that strong, so as a fundraising opportunity are not a realistic proposition. However, one dream that is soon to be brought to fruition is the publishing of my first illustrated novel. Now I am pleased to say with that, (with a little backing from the book reading fraternity), there lies a rather unique fundraising route.

After 9 years of supporting the hospice from behind the scenes, I feel rather excited to say that we are now working together on a project to use my debut novel to help boost their coffers. With help from their fundraising staff I am doing my upmost to raise the profile of the publication to maximise sales, as the profit proceeds will be donated to the invaluable work that the hospice team delivers.

Now I am going into this with eyes wide open and I am fully aware if not a little concerned that as a debut author this may in truth not amount to a lot. But the fundraisers and I are pulling out all the stops, from working with local libraries, shops, businesses for regular sales, to opening up more specialist markets through organisations like the RNLI and publications like 'Bird Watching' magazine. I firmly believe that our joint effort and a very committed publisher in Cranthorpe Millner to produce an attractive illustrated publication, will provide just rewards.

So I will conclude this post by asking you to please join us and simply plan your literary trip to the tropics in August, which at the same time will provide a contribution to this journey of opportunity. Look out for 'Island to Island' and experience a nature lovers dream in the Seychelles to raise money for an organisation that provides unquestionable commitment to their cause.

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