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'Island to Island Photograph Collection'
A collection of unique photographs

Somerset to Seychelles

A collection of stunning photographs depict the reality behind the captivating story of 'Island to Island'.

Each chapter is illustrated through vibrant and dramatic images. From idyllic sandy beaches to turbulent seas. Wildlife is shown in the raw; angelic fluttering white fairy terns set against royal blue skies, prehistoric frigate birds soar high, whilst an abundance of crabs and lizards scurry on the sandy shores...

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'Island to Island'

The photographs behind the story

Release date - 22nd August 2023

This publication is full of beautiful, dramatic and evocative images. Every photograph presents the reality of living on a remote tropical island. Certainly not all sun, sea and sand as the author and her partner shared the tiny granitic outcrop with over a million seabirds, the highest density of lizards in the world, no electricity or running water and only six other human inhabitants for company.

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Island to Island Calendar - still available

A unique spiral bound A4 calendar inspired by the novel Island to Island and illustrated through images from the Photograph Collection, experience life on a tropical island through the year.

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