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An Eclectic Offer

Sally is not restricted by genre, but motivated to depict her love of wildlife and natural history. From narrative non fiction to illustrated stories for children, her creative career is certainly not formulaic or inhibited by tradition and most definitely eclectic.

Island to Island

23rd August 2022

'Island to Island' now available to purchase from Cranthorpe Millner, Waterstones, Amazon.

Sally Mills is extremely excited to be able to share her first illustrated novel 'Island to Island', which was published on the 23rd August 2022. 

A unique portrayal of living and working on a remote tropical island, with just 6 other inhabitants, no electricity or running water and amongst over a million seabirds and array of other tropical wildlife.

The novel tells the story of the dramatic highs and the equally dramatic lows from counting turtle hatchlings to visits to a Seychelles' courtroom.

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Boomy the Bittern

28th March 2023

The tale of 'Boomy the Bittern' is an illustrated book for children in their early years. It portrays a 'real story' about the plight faced by Boomy and his family when the wetland they live in is threatened by drainage. 

As a happy ever after story it is full of bright and colourful images of wetland wildlife, from frogs to fish. This rather unique children's book is both an excellent teaching aid and a beautiful bedtime read.

Delve into the life of a bittern and learn of the great conservation success story that this bird has experienced over the last 20 years.

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'Island to Island Photograph Collection'

A collection of photographs

22nd August 2023

This unique collection of photographs relives the story of 'Island to Island' through the eyes of the author, who has put together some amazing images to show a behind the scenes depiction of island life.

This publication is full of beautiful, dramatic and evocative images. Every photograph presents the reality of living on a remote tropical island. Certainly not all sun, sea and sand as the author and her partner shared the tiny granitic outcrop with over a million seabirds, the highest density of lizards in the world, no electricity or running water and only six other human inhabitants for company. 


Survival in the Seychelles

Coming soon

'Survival in the Seychelles', the sequel to 'Island to Island' is now well underway. Find out more about our Seychelles adventure, 'Survival in the Seychelles' focuses on telling the tale of how we survived on the local cuisine. Complete with recipes, blogs, diary entries and illustrations, the book will take the reader on a rather unique journey into Creole cookery, set within the limitations of living on a remote island, to learn how we adapted to an unbelievably different way of life and the culinary challenges we faced.

Sharing a small remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with over a million seabirds and limited opportunities to stock up on supplies, tested our survival instincts to the full. Being canny, resourceful and frugal were essential attributes. Out witting the wildlife, creating appealing dishes from the very basic ingredients, and capitalising on an opportunities to conjure up a meal from bizarre food stuffs and combinations. Unlike in the UK, self sufficiency was a necessity not a nicety. 


What's next...

Chicken Therapy

A future project...

It was widely reported how many people turned to chickens for therapy during the Covid-19 pandemic - Sally was no exception. Her existing flock of hens were in many ways her salvation, they provided a reliable normality in life, when it felt like she was surrounded by an ever changing, uncertain world. This significant emotional connection together with the physical task of writing were a perfect combination to keep her both safe and sane. The consequence was the unanticipated evolution of this fascinating and rather unique publication, providing Sally with the opportunity to share her experience with the added benefit of providing information for others. 

A 'how-to guide' on keeping free-range chickens written using real life experiences with the hens from Myrtle Barn, Somerset. Get to know the characters of a number of varieties, from Bantams to Brahmas, Lohmans to Legbars.

Be informed by sharing the lives and characters of individual chickens and be prepared to be entertained by Monty the smart Columbian Blacktail and charmed by Carpet the compelling Mille Fleur Pekin bantam. 

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Island to Island, Boomy the Bittern and Island to Island Photobook

Published by Cambridge based publishers Cranthorpe Millner, and available for purchase off their website:

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'Island to Island'

Released August 2022

An illustrated narrative non-fiction novel, with wide appeal, for natural history/wildlife lovers, readers interested in conservation, travel and culture, or simply those looking for inspiration to explore a new challenge in life. A unique tale which shares the highs and lows of managing a nature reserve in paradise. 

Released August 2022.

'Boomy the Bittern'

Released March 2023

An inspiring illustrated story, based on a family of bitterns whose 'home' is threatened by drainage, for children in their early years, with diverse application from an excellent teaching aid to a beautiful bedtime read.

Released March 2023.

'Island to Island' Photobook

A collection of photographs

Released August 2023

The pictures behind the story of 'Island to Island', vibrant and evocative images show a real behind the scenes depiction of remote island life on a small tropical island.

Released August 2023


'Survival in the Seychelles'

Coming soon in 2024 - 25

The culinary challenge of living on a remote tropical island the size of 126 football pitches, with over a million seabirds. A unique portrayal of survival with limited resources, food supply and having wildlife for neighbours that would take the food off your plate in an instant. A fascinating insight into a rather unique adaptation of Creole cuisine.

Chicken Therapy

A future project

A project for late 2023, a unique project based on a 'How to' approach, using real life experiences with 'real' chickens from Myrtle Barn, Somerset.

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"Too many beautifully written books are rejected on a regular basis because the submitting author doesn’t have a strong enough author platform. The barriers for authors are getting higher and the publishing industry less discerning and more unscrupulous. By operating a hybrid publishing model, Cranthorpe Millner can invite authors to publish with us based on the merit of the manuscript alone." Cranthorpe Millner.

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