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Boomy the Bittern

Released - 28th March, 2023

The emotive tale of 'Boomy the Bittern', portrays the 'real-life' story about a family of bitterns whose habitat is threatened by drainage, written for children in their early years .

Boomy the Bittern: Work

Boomy the Bittern

Released - 28th March 2023

'Boomy the Bittern' was inspired when, after the cessation of peat extraction in certain areas on the Somerset Levels and Moors, an opportunity to create a wetland arose.

Conservation organisations such as the, RSPB, Natural England and Somerset Wildlife Trust acquired some of this land, and used it as an opportunity to create a large area of wetland from scratch. Consequently, these organisations establish between them a huge mosaic of different wetland habitats, becoming one of the largest in Europe, which is now known as the Avalon Marshes.

Local people were enlisted as volunteers to help create a landscape suitable for bitterns. From 1995 to 2007 Sally (the illustrator), was Site Manager at one of the nature reserves, and Pam (the author), was one of the regular volunteers.

It took many years for the bitterns to find the new wetland… but they did, providing an inspiration for the gorgeous children's publication - 'Boomy the Bittern'.

Boomy the Bittern: About
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Boomy the Bittern: Image

A sneak preview...

Boomy the Bittern

Reveal an associated excerpt from the book by selecting the image.

A sneak preview into 'Boomy the Bittern'.

Use the gallery below to provide an insight into the story behind Boomy the Bittern and the plight him and his family faced.

The fledglings followed their mum
Mrs Boomy followed Boomy and guided the chicks to their new home.
A new wetland full of ditches, pools and food - a perfect new home.
Boomy grasped the reed, with is powerful claws.
Mrs Boomy had three chicks.
Boomy drifted down close to the nest.
But the wetland was threatened by drainage.
Frogs enjoyed the muddy margins.
They shared the wetland with other wildlife.
Eels thrived in the wetland
Boomy's chicks - really ugly little blighters
The wetland was full of fish and eels.
Boomy relied on these to survive and to feed his family.
Boomy lived in a wetland
Boomy the Bittern: Portfolio
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