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The Sheppey Inn - 27th August 6.30 -8.30pm

Sally Mills - local author invites you to a local venue for a Book Launch...

The Sheppey Inn, Lower Godney, Wells Somerset, BA5 1RZ

Island to Island: Photograph Collection is a unique assemblage of photographs, capturing not only the incredible wildlife and beautiful landscapes found in Seychelles, but also the difficulties of managing a remote tropical island nature reserve.

Complementing the author’s memoir Island to Island, this beautiful collection of photographs offers a rare and unique pictorial insight into a dynamic, challenging, yet privileged, existence: living among a million seabirds and some of the rarest wildlife in the world whilst experiencing and dealing with an alien culture in an isolated location. This comprehensive anthology features remarkable images of wildlife, landscapes, and day-to-day living captured through the lenses of seven photographers; from the challenges of being self-sufficient in extreme conditions, monitoring seabird populations on rugged terrain, and patrolling the island at night for poachers, all are portrayed and published for the first time.

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