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The natural noise at times was deafening

Although on Aride Island there was very little human noise, the natural noise at times was deafening. The most prominent was that of the sea, as a continuous roar in the background, like distant thunder rumbling. The waves rhythmically crashed onto the beach, they lulled us to sleep at night, and woke us in the morning.

The sound echoed through the windows and doors of our concrete house, like a train coming through a tunnel, confining the noise and increasing its volume. Our house sat just a few metres back from the beach and at night through the darkness the sea could sound like a raging storm ready to breach the crest and engulf our home. It was a noise that was constant, but one that changed. It was always there, but its intensity varied, and so focal to our life, surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean, its temperament had the ability to determine the mood of the island and its occupants - so special.

Want to know more - look out for 'Island to Island' an illustrated novel due to be released 23rd August 2022

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