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Postcard Promotion

My debut novel ‘Island to Island’ is due to be published and launched in August. Not only is this a wonderful and new experience, fulfilling a lifetime aspiration, it is also a new opportunity to fundraise for a worthwhile cause – I am working with St Kentigern’s hospice to raise money for the admirable work that they do.

The publishing process is progressing well, and we are currently at the stage of designing the covers and inserting illustrations. As I am using the novel as a way to raise funds for the hospice, I am really keen to try to raise the profile of the project the best I can.

As a result, I am now thinking seriously about marketing and promotion and I am planning to have a postcard produced to publicise the novel. This will be to both advertise the book more widely, but as a way to reach more venues for publicity, particularly at places that won't actually stock copies. The postcard will be 'typical' postcard size - A6, which is 15cm x 10cm or 6" x 4".

I have been approaching various venues, such as libraries, farm shops, craft centres, TICs, eateries and literary festivals and several have been supportive. However, if anyone reading this has suggestions of appropriate places or novel ideas of where the cards could be displayed, or even that they can help promote the project through distributing postcards, both socially or via their place of work, please do get in touch. I hope to finalise printing numbers in the next few weeks so any new suggestions can easily be factored in. Thanks in advance.

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