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Not all sun sea and sand...

‘This is an excellent companion volume to Island to Island, packed full of pictures that perfectly capture the highs & lows and the challenges & rewards of living on a remote tropical island. This book will rekindle the memories of anyone who has worked, volunteered or visited Aride and fascinate those who haven't'.

Rob Lucking, Chair of Island Conservation Society UK (& Aride Research Specialist 1992-94)

Discarding the leaking generator radiator made Melv a happy man!

Remote living brought some incredible highs, but also some unforgettable lows, but our health unharmed, we came back as far more resilient and resourceful people as a result. In the words of Chris Packham (‘Island to Island’ foreword) – ‘But at what price for the dream?’ – there was no price – only the obligation to become engaged, to learn and to be open to what we were privileged to be immersed in and witness to.

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