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Finally the day arrived

Finally, the day arrived, and equipped with as many art materials as I could carry and as much new technology that we could afford, we left Manchester Airport on a grey November morning to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

My first blog entry read:

‘As I write this, we have been on the island for just two days, the sun is setting and it is still in the high 20°Cs. I am sitting outside our house on the edge of the beach, the silver sand beneath my bare feet, glistens with an orange hue from the last remaining rays, it feels warm, powdery and inviting. I share the ground with fearless skinks, hermit crabs and many strange creepy crawlies, all intrigued by my presence.

The sound of the sea is fantastic, at times as it crashes on to the uninhabited shores, it even drowns out the eerie calls of the wailing shearwaters together with the many other magical sounds we are yet to identify.

The whole island is alive and almost impossible to describe; by day the intense clear rays of the sun, and by night the unpolluted skies which carry an awe-inspiring array of stars, energise this breathtaking place. We can’t help but feel both privileged and humbled, we truly have had an opportunity to open our own magic door and enter a very special and exciting new world beyond'.

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