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Dare to dream...

The opportunity of two years working as nature reserve wardens on the tropical island of Aride in the Seychelles first appeared as an email three years previously. At that time, it never became more than a dream. I kept the message in my inbox just in case. I would open up the advert once in a while and imagine what it would be like and never did I think it would ever become a reality.

So why throw our very comfortable life in the UK up in the air, and switch Somerset for Seychelles, give up two reasonably paid full-time jobs, within a mile of each other and a beautiful house we built from scratch in the best place we had both ever lived? It was simple; we both wanted a new challenge. After thirteen settled years, we needed to try something different.

It wasn’t an easy decision...

Emotionally tied to the very special Ham Wall Reserve in Somerset, where I was Site Manager, I knew the only way I was ever going to leave was to a project of the magnitude and appeal of a tropical island in Seychelles. However, we both craved a life without financial pressure, and one not driven by monetary gain and what often felt like an irrelevant and an obligatory lifestyle. Where we were going, money was going to have a different meaning. It was strange but exciting to think that the emphasis was going to shift completely to sustaining life, rather than buying a certain quality of life, with the latter to be provided by the island itself.

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