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C is for 'Celebration' at St Kentigern Hospice

A day to remember at St Kentigern Winter Fayre

Christmas, Caffi Cariad, Cake, Calendar and Cheque were the words of the day for me...

Christmas came early, as in true St Kentigern style the Winter Fayre was fabulous, with lots of support and plenty of carols, cakes and Christmas cheer.

The 2024 Walk through the Seasons Calendar sold like hot cakes too - bringing in much needed revenue, thanks to all who bought one.

The refreshments from Caffi Cariad were as delicious as ever and of course their Cakes were amazing...

Finally it was a lovely chance to hand over my Cheque from the sales of 'Island to Island', 12 months since the novel's release, although a modest amount it will contribute to the incredible amount of work the hospice does.

A true day of Celebration and one to remember - thank you St Kentigern - the final 'C' must be CHEERS!!

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