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Boomy goes to Bath

It was lovely to get invited back to talk to the Bath RSPB members Group last night. I had been asked to talk on my recent books which received a very warm reception by over 35 members.

I took my books for people to peruse and Boomy hit Bath by storm - a must have for the grandchildren and the perfect Christmas gift.

'Boomy is a schooling for both adults and children (I didn’t know anything about bitterns before I read the book!) and a book which can be read over and over again. The illustrations are beautiful and really bring to life the bittern birds, their habitat and what they look like for children. If you’re wondering why he’s called Boomy the Bittern, then read the back page. It explains about how they have a ‘booming’ call and even gives suggestions on how children can make the sound themselves!' The Review Studio, March 2023

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