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Bag a Boomy and support local wildlife

With profit proceeds to be donated to benefit local wildlife, the Somerset Wildlife Trust will have books on sale at their AGM -

Open to both members and non members the AGM is taking place on the 18th November in Taunton and Boomy the Bittern will be there.

The day will tell the story of nature’s recovery in Somerset and beyond and with the help of guest speakers, the afternoon will explore community science initiatives and people’s connection to nature, how to monitor the effectiveness of natural solutions and the informed delivery of the Nature Recovery Network.

The story of Boomy the Bittern epit0mises the Somerset vision, based on the success of the bittern in the Avalon Marshes it tells the 'real-life' story about a family of bitterns whose habitat was threatened by drainage. As a happy ever after story it is full of bright and colourful images of wetland wildlife, from frogs to fish. This rather unique children's book is both an excellent teaching aid and a beautiful bedtime read.

Delve into a copy of 'Boomy the Bittern' and learn of the great conservation success story that this bird has experienced over the last 20 years in Somerset and beyond.

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