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A Trip to the Tropics at Caffi Cariad - 19th August 11am to 1pm

North Wales born author, Sally Mills, invites you to join her at Caffi Cariad, St Kentigern Hospice on the 19th August to celebrate the release of the 'Island to Island Photograph Collection'.

Complementing her debut novel 'Island to Island', from which all profit proceeds are being donated to the hospice, the photograph collection reveals the reality of living on a remote tropical island.

A compilation of 180 colour, and black and white photographs of the landscape, wildlife, and day-to-day living, together with extracts of text from the novel to go with each, the photographs tell the story. It has a wide appeal, to a similar but also very different audience, and especially to those that prefer pictorial portrayals rather than the written word.

Once again, the publication will be of interest to natural history/wildlife lovers, people interested in travel and culture, or simply those looking for inspiration to explore a new challenge in life. It is also hoped that such a follow up publication will help boost sales of the novel, which in turn will further benefit the hospice.

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