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Somerset Macaw

Sally Mills

Writer and Artist

Sally Mills was born and raised in rural North Wales, where she was inspired by her bucolic surroundings leading to a fascination with the natural world. A healthy obsession with wildlife and nature has dominated her life and has continued to do so to this day in rural Somerset.

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Life on the wild side

Nature has always been an inspiration

Sally studied art at Cardiff University. Using the medium of sculpture to capture and portray the life of birds, she graduated with a first-class honours degree, followed by a distinction in a post graduate diploma in conservation management. Fulfilling her childhood passion throughout her working life, she spent 25 years in nature conservation working principally for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. This occupation also fuelled her drive for sustainability, and she was seconded to the government to pioneer new bioenergy initiatives powered by nature reserve vegetation.

Towards the end of her conservation career, she earned the chance to manage a tropical island nature reserve in Seychelles. Swapping Somerset security for tropical tempestuousness, provided Sally the motivation to write her first narrative non-fiction novel. Island to Island portrays a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, it depicts a rare insight to a dynamic and difficult, yet unique existence living by nature on Aride Island. An inspirational introduction to writing.

Now the natural world is a hobby, Sally runs a small horticultural business in Somerset. This new aquaponic enterprise, was born and is driven by the ethos of health and sustainability. With life bookended by a rural lifestyle, Sally enjoys the simple pleasure of supplying fresh vegetables to the local community and raising chickens. Semi-retired, she reaps the rewards of a committed and dedicated career, giving time to reflect on her eclectic and privileged life. She is in the ideal environment, with the desire and opportunity to share many of her unique wildlife experiences as an inspiration to rejuvenate her creative career.

It is the perfect time for Sally to seize the chance to fulfil her aspirations to write and paint, with many new projects now underway.

Somerset Macaw -The Writer and Artist

‘What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?’ 

Sir David Attenborough

Birds have been Sally's lifetime inspiration.

The macaw is the perfect epitome of her creative drive and aspirations: 

‘Adorned with magnificent colours, a winged messenger which symbolises reflection and truth, whilst magically teaching us the power of words.’  Sally

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The Writer

Working in the Seychelles managing Aride Island Nature Reserve in 2007 for 20 months, was the inspiration for Sally's first illustrated novel 'Island to Island'.


The Artist

Graduating with a First Class honours degree in art, Sally became freelance shortly afterwards. She specialised in sculpture, but she also has a passion for watercolour painting.

‘Until you spread your wings; you'll have no idea how far you can fly.’

Napoleon Bonaparte

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Calendars for 2024 - still available

A little something for everyone
Take a walk each month on the North Wales Coast to support the local hospice or experience the tropics through the seasons.

Be prepared for 2024...

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Walks Through the Seasons

A delightful joint project with St Kentigern Hospice, which takes you through the seasons along the North Wales Coast. From kingfishers to orchids, follow the nature trails for yourself to see an array of amazing flora and fauna. Its a must for any nature lover or those who just want enjoy the slightly wilder side of life.


#HikesWithTheHospice in 2024

Walk through the seasons with the Hospice. Each month boasts a hand picked walk & guides you through all the wildlife you should see along the way. Make sure you tag us, St Kentigern Hospice in your pictures and show us what you find each month with the hashtag #HikesWithTheHospice for a chance to win each month. Calendars can be purchased from all St Kentigern shops, our hospice & our online shops - either via Vinted or eBay.


St Kentigern Hospice,
St Asaph, North Wales

An incredibly special place, support their tremendous work by enjoying this calendar - all proceeds go to fund the essential work they do. 

Thank you


Island to Island Calendar

Special Offer now reduced to £1.50 (+P&P)

Experience the tropics through the seasons from the comfort of your home with this unique calendar

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'The Island to Island Photograph Collection'

Released - 22nd August 2023

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'Island to Island' Photobook

A collection of photographs - the pictures behind the story

A collection of stunning photographs depict the reality behind the captivating story of 'Island to Island'.

Each chapter is illustrated through vibrant and dramatic images. From idyllic sandy beaches to turbulent seas. Wildlife is shown in the raw; angelic fluttering white fairy terns set against royal blue skies, prehistoric frigate birds soar high, whilst an abundance of crabs and lizards scurry on the sandy shores...

Sally Mills

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Full Seal of Approval

'A unique and captivating collection, which reveals the reality of living the dream.’

Dr Stephen Moss, Naturalist, Author and Award-Winning TV Producer of BBC’s Springwatch.

‘A wonderfully evocative collection that reveals saving paradise isn’t just golden beaches and blue skies!’

Baroness Barbara Young of Old Scone, Ex RSPB Chief Executive

‘Stunning and dramatic shots interspersed with a fascinating record of a time spent in this island environment.’

Dr Liz Williams British Science Fiction Writer and historian. Author of Comet Weather, Miracles of Our Own Making, and Snake Agent.

The wonderful images in Island to Island Photographic Collection not only complement Sally’s earlier volume but also perfectly capture island life as well as the wildlife, flora and magic of Aride.

Lucy Cadbury, Trustee ICS UK and Honorary Member ICS Seychelles

‘This is an excellent companion volume to Island to Island, packed full of pictures that perfectly capture the highs & lows and the challenges & rewards of living on a remote tropical island. This book will rekindle the memories of anyone who has worked, volunteered or visited Aride and fascinate those who haven't'.

Rob Lucking, Chair of Island Conservation Society UK (and Aride Research Specialist 1992 - 1994)

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Recently released...

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Island to Island

23rd August 2022

An opportunity towards the end of her long conservation career, led to Sally and her partner Melvyn managing the tropical nature reserve of Aride Island in Seychelles. The illustrated novel,

'Island to Island' portrays a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. Swapping Somerset security for tropical tempestuousness, the publication depicts a rare insight to a dynamic and difficult, yet unique existence living by nature amongst an array of tropical wildlife and over a million seabirds.

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Boomy the Bittern

Released March 2023

An illustrated story for children in their early years. Based on the real-life threats faced by some of the UK's rarest wildlife. 'Boomy the Bittern' tells the tale of how a family of bitterns are forced to find a new home as their wetland is threatened by drainage.

Written by Pam Earnshaw
Illustrated by Sally Mills

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