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Not all sun, sea and sand...

If you fancy a safe trips to the tropics in the summer, look out for Sally's debut illustrated novel 'Island to Island'. Due for release in August, it portrays the real-life story of living in a tropical paradise, on the remote island of Aride in the Seychelles.

But it was certainly not all sun, sea and sand as Sally and partner Melvyn, were pushed to the extreme as they faced some of the biggest challenges in their life together so far.

Alongside the drama of existence the novel provides an illustrated portrayal of some incredible tropical wildlife experiences. From guarding turtle eggs hatching to sharing an island 1 mile long by 0.4 miles wide with over 100,000 pairs of breeding sooty terns, whilst living alongside the world's highest density of skinks (lizard).

Sally provides a little taster in this short Christmas video...

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